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Automatic top-up `Levelautomatic` v3

Product reference: Aut. dolewka Levelautomatic
EAN: 8508190001941
LEVEL AUTOMATIC - automatic top-up

Automatic top-up `Levelautomatic` v3

Product reference: Aut. dolewka Levelautomatic
EAN: 8508190001941

The automatic top-up is a modern and reliable device that will allow you to forget about topping up the evaporated water in your tank every day.

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The Levelautomatic V3 automatic watering machine is the third generation of this popular device on the Polish market. The new version of the topping up unit has been additionally equipped with an acoustic alarm informing about exceeding the maximum water level.

The Levelautomatic V3 is a device intended for topping up evaporated water in aquaria equipped with a filtration system based on a sump (technical tank). The device can control a pump or an electro-valve powered by 230V AC. The device is equipped with an integrated, double reed contact level sensor; the lower sensor is responsible for switching on the booster pump or electro-valve connected to the device, while the upper sensor plays a supervisory role and has the task of unconditionally switching off the pump or electro-valve in the event of failure of the lower sensor. The unit is equipped with a hysteresis, which eliminates the frequent uncontrolled switching of the pump/electro-valve caused by rippling water tables. A green LED on the unit's panel indicates connection to the power supply, a yellow LED indicates voltage appearing in the power supply socket (switching on of the supplementary device), a red LED indicates activation of the emergency sensor (emergency disconnection of the voltage in the power supply socket) such a state is also signalled by an acoustic signal

Description of operation: The natural process of water evaporation causes the water level to drop in the lowest point of the aquarium hydraulic system, i.e. in the sumup. The lowering of the water level causes the lower liquid level sensor to lower and operate, which after a few seconds results in voltage being applied to the Levelautomatic V3 power supply socket. When water is pumped into the sump, the level is equalised and the lower liquid level sensor rises and the power socket is de-energised. The process of topping up the evaporated water is signalled by the yellow LED lighting up. In exceptional/emergency situations in which, despite the water being topped up to a predetermined level, the voltage in the supply socket is not disconnected, the rising water level will cause the upper emergency sensor to operate and the power supply in the supply socket will be absolutely disconnected. This situation is indicated by the activation of a red LED and an acoustic signal.

Kit contents.

- Levelautomatic V3 unit

- Adjustable reed switch holder

- Operating instructions/warranty

Technical data.

Supply voltage: 230V AC

Power consumption: max 5W

Maximum load: 300W

Product Details

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